Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is not far off!

Spring comes late here in the high desert.  We live at 5,400 feet.  Today there are snowflakes in the air. 
The snow was 37 inches deep during February.  You can see that it's almost gone.  This morning, I found my friendly owl sitting on this post in my flower bed.

Um . . .  No, that's not a blue outhouse in the background.  There are a set of truck scales right there and that's a building you enter to weigh the trucks. A few years back, I e-mailed some similar photos to our daughter when she was in college.  One of her classmates asked her if that was our "toilet house."  We might live in the "Wild, Wild West," but we do have indoor amenities.

He or she (how do you tell?) reminds me of an old setting hen perched on a clutch of eggs.

See the snowflakes in the air?

I am going to have my grandkids come up with a name.  I can't just keep referring to it as "the owl."  He/she needs a name.  I will let you know.

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