Monday, December 16, 2013

Ho, Ho Ho!

Ok, so I have had these done for awhile now. . . 

. . . and have been waiting till my daughter in law got her mantel finished and decorated before I posted any photos. She wanted a a homespun look for her stockings. While they are not "primitive" they are made with homespun fabrics and each has a simple basic applique--perfect for their rustic fireplace.
I ironed a yard of off-white flannel and traced the pattern for the cuff 5 times onto the yardage. Then, with my purple air-dry fabric marker, I free-handed all the names in primitive stitchery letters. With black pearl cotton, I used giant stitches to make all the names.  When the stitching was done, I cut out the cuffs, and attached them to the rest of the stocking.

Each applique has a few simple 3-dimensional embellishments.
Dad's gingerbread man has his buttons and is holding a candy cane button.
These stars have snowflake buttons . . . 
My 6 year old grandson, Cam, was here the day I finished stitching on the appliques.  I was going to give him the gingerbread man stocking, but he said, "I call the tree!"
I said, "don't you want the gingerbread man?"  He replied, "No, It looks more like Dad, he can have the gingerbread man."  Of course, he also wanted lots more decorations on his tree.
Another snowflake button for a star and little ornament buttons.  JoAnn's had the cutest button assortment.

This wooden snowflake was the perfect touch for Mom's mitten.
It gently dangles from a loop of nubby yarn.
The pine cone is actually a button; the branch is not, but is sewn on by hand.
As you can see, the cuffs are also 3D and the back of each stocking matches the fabric on the front.
The stockings are hung from a rustic cedar mantel that our son made for their new house.  He also installed recessed LED lights under the mantel and electrical outlets on the top. 

~Merry Christmas~


  1. Very Very Cute. I love how your grandson called dibs on the tree, that sounds like something my Alex would do. What a wonderful women to make all these stocking super cute for your family :) Happy Holidays!

  2. What a fun post and great-looking stockings. I love all the fun embellishments, too.

  3. wow, so Christmas style... It's so good to diy to decorate the house

  4. Stockings good great on the mantel, Santa will love them. Love the lighting. I would have picked the snowman, I love snowmen. If I don't get to post again I hope you and yours have a very nice Christmas together this year.



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