Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crown Royal Finish

Quilt is finished.  Our friends (the quilt owners) came to spend a few days and it was on their bed when they arrived. Here is it in my spare bedroom over another comforter...that's what is hanging down underneath...
Crown Royal flannel and Denim  109 x 112

It is now at the end of it's it's forever home. 

Here is a link to the beginning of the Crown Royal/Denim quilt journey: 

A few highlights along the way--
Here's where it all started, from bags to blocks.

I alternated the purple blocks with light and dark denim blocks.
I like how the gold braid corners turned out.

To get the light and dark patches, you simply use the wrong side of the denim for the lighter blocks.

I kept the quilting at a minimum so it's actually quite soft and drapes well.  It's more like a comforter. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, backing is cotton, Sew Fine Thread ( navy).  Just stitched a serpentine like around each block since I couldn't stitch over the braid.
 Simple ditching and wide bead board on the borders. 

I finished the skinny gold border to reflect the way the braid crosses at the corners of the blocks. 
I had exactly one bag left and used it to frame the label. 
The backing is pretty fun too!


  1. I like what you did with the braid and the gold border - very nice. I love the look and feel of denim with these bags. Nice job!

  2. This is so fun! I love the squiggle lines for the quilting. Nice effect.

  3. This is beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm in the process of starting one and had no idea how I was going to maximize the use of the bags. Your quilt turned out beautiful.

  5. Thanks Cindy, if you go to the search box, you can find other posts for this quilt under Crown Royal.

  6. It is beautiful. My son has the bags, what would it cost for him to have you make it.

    1. Sorry, I don't make quilts for customers any more. As much work as it entails, it would be quite expensive for any quilter to make a king sized quilt from CR bags.

  7. How many bags did it require to make this quilt?

  8. I'm guessing it was around 50-60 bags



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