Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stadium Quilt #2

Just finished up another stadium blanket: Denim and fleece with fleece binding. 

I made one last month with no batting.  Good thing it was for myself's great to fold and sit on at the hockey games, but I didn't think it was warm enough when we wrapped up in it at the last October soccer game.  They are 60 x 90--perfect for 2 people.


I put batting in this one and used Hobbs 80/20.  I had several good sized chunks of batting and pieced 3 together for this project.  You can easily piece batting.  I posted a tutorial 3 years ago HERE.

How fun is this?
I grabbed some red fleece from the shelf and whipped this binding on in no time.
Tutorial for that is HERE.

Quilted with bright yellow cotton thread.
Pantograph pattern: Sprung, by Willow Leaf Studio.


  1. What a fun design on the yellow fleece!

    I piece batting all the time - waste not. Right?

  2. Yep!! Those batting cut-offs go a long way at my house - "Frankenstein" leftovers all the time for more quilt mileage from my batting purchases. This is a great stadium quilt.

  3. The Double Bubble fleece ---- I LOVE it!



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