Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP-Vintage Blocks

Here are a couple more little projects I have on the back burner right now.  I spent about an hour with my fabric calculator, scribbling on paper and pulling fabrics from my stash to be able to use these orphan blocks.

These were sewn by a lady that has passed away.  When her teenage grandchildren cleaned out her house, they found a lots of fabric yardage and lots of blocks.  I don't know these kids, but I am good friends with their aunt.

So......Auntie calls me to see if I would like to look through about 4 tubs of fabric, since she knew I make Quilts of Valor.  It seems that no one else in the family was remotely  interested in even looking at any of the fabric.  Are you kidding?  I never turn down fabric!  So, she and I sorted out everything but the cottons. There was also a bag full of blocks that I brought home because they were just going to get tossed.

There were 3 sets of  double wedding ring blocks cut in different sizes all from 30's fabric--along with about 300 matching pieces cut for more.  I pressed, sorted and auctioned them off 2 years ago and used the money to buy batting for my quilts of valor.  I got enough to pay for batting for 12 (60x80) QOVquilts!

Fabric auctioned off for QOV batting $$
...getting back to my story....
I have learned from my friend that the last 2 of these grandchildren are getting married this summer.

I am making them each a quilt with their grandmother's blocks.

For the girl i am using the blocks in the first photo:
These will be the front of the quilt...
I pulled a piece of blue from my stash I think I will go with for the sashing and plan to then pick up the yellow in the outer border.

These will go on the back.  I have several yards of the grandmother's fabric in a dark pink.  I will piece these into the pink for the backing.....with a multicolored little stripe for the binding.

Yeah, I can see it all now! 

Here are the other blocks.  This will be for the boy.

There are only 6 of these appliqued blocks, so I pulled some complimentary fabrics from my shelf and have my plan on paper.

This will be a 2 sided quilt-here is what will be on the back.
Gah, I know what you at is that going to look?  Give me some time and I will let you know.
Snowing here today in NW Ohio.  We had Happy Hour on the deck last night at 57 degrees and today, schools are closed, blizzard and 3-4 inches of new snow!



  1. I'm thinking that you are planning on putting the boys blocks on point, with setting blocks in between, both front and back. I don't have anything 'stitchy' from my grandmother that sewed. I wish I did.

  2. It's sweet of you to turn these orphan blocks into quilts for the young couples. They will be priceless keepsakes of their grandmother.

  3. What a nice thing you are doing for those kids. I'm think they will love those colorful, scrappy quilts.



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