Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chevron Continued..3

Making some progress here.  After floundering around with the smallest blocks, I decided the most efficient way to piece this quilt would be to piece these 4 patch blocks and then mix and match the colors for the rows. 

I thought I would share my method for getting nice, evenly matched points when piecing. 

For these blocks, I pressed the seams open.  I don't often do that, but you will have 6 layers of fabric a the center junction, so you have to distribute the thickness by pressing open seams.

Start by putting a pin right at the junction of the center seam, where the colors meet.

 Then pushing the pin through the top, pierce the back piece in exactly the same place..where the blue and black fabrics meet.  If you have carefully sewn your seams from the beginning, this will be exactly 1/4 inch from the edge.
Keeping the pin perpendicular to the fabric, wiggle the pin a bit, just to get those points exactly lined up and seated well.   Keep this pin in this position. 

Put a second and third pin on either side of this centered pin.  Leave the center pin in this position. It will keep those 2 points lined up exactly.

Start stitching your seam keeping this upright pin still in this position.
Carefully stitch over  the first pin and on towards the upright pin. By this time, you have pulled it up a bit so your fabric can advance as you sew--but it's still holding these 2 points in position.  As you can see, one more stitch, and my needle will drop exactly into the hole where this pin is standing.  As I take the stitch, I pull out the pin and continue stitching the rest of the seam.  You will have perfect points every single time.  It's pretty fast once you do it a few times.

I do the same thing at the beginning corners to match up these 2 diagonal seams.  Put a pin perpendicular to the fabrics, at 1/4 inch from the corner, exactly in the seam.
Then pin the fabrc in place just behind the first pin.

Perfect points and junctions every time.

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  1. Liking your progress. Love those bright colors with the black.



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