Friday, February 16, 2018

I am afraid of scrappy quilts.

Finally back to scrapping, cutting and sewing! I had thumb surgery in Dec. and although I was fine in a couple of weeks, I just have been doing other fun things.....

This yellow Arkansas Crossroads block has been on my design wall for 9 months. I am afraid of scrappy quilts. The chaos, confusion and clutter of too many patterns, colors and designs make me uncomfortable.

But, I spent a lot of time organizing and categorizing (those things are satisfying to me) all my scraps when I cleaned up my studio last year. I think we tend to forget that all those scraps still average $9/yard!

Last week, I pulled each drawer of colors out one at a time and chose fabrics for each Arkansas Crossroads block.
Scraps less than a fat quarter and bigger than 1 inch.

If I don't look too close, I am comfortable with this soon-to-be scrappy quilt. It will be my first!

The beginnings of a scrappy Arkansas Crossroads quilt.  I will have to make all the center blocks and then decide where to place them and then can make all the alternate X blocks to go between them.


  1. I love scrappy quilts, but, I don't make them, since I usually tend towards using the same fabric, over and over in quilts. I am trying lately. My scraps are not organized in any way. When a quilt is finished, I tend to leave all the extra fabrics in a bag, and never pull it out again. One day I'll gather all those bags and try to organize all that fabric.

  2. Oh it will be great!! So glad you are healing up!



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