Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in the Day . . .

Up until 2007, my sewing projects were done where ever there was room.  When our youngest son went off to college, I set up shop in one end of his bedroom.  Of course, I would fold it all up and hide it when he came home!

BunkHouse Quilts circa 2005.

In 2005, two cozy flannel quilts were born in this room.

I took them to my best friend, Helen Parke Ruby, and she quilted them for me.  During that process, she taught me how to use a long arm.  I made a few wobbly snowflakes, learned how to stencil a pattern and found out that stitch in the ditch was really hard.  I was hooked!  I came home and knew I had to find a way to have my own longarm!

In 2005, our son brought a special girl home from Ohio to meet us at Christmas. I was her first trip to Idaho and we had never met her, but he told us she was the right one--and proved it by giving her a ring during the holidays.  This "Winter Memories" quilt was a gift for her.

I thought the pattern was fitting since it contains "Ohio Stars" quilt blocks.

 . . . a little freehand embroidery with my Bernina.

This is the second quilt that came out of that room in 2005.  It is also flannel.  Our daughter was in college in Las Vegas, NV for 3 years and often expressed the fact that she missed the seasonal weather and especially our Idaho winters.  Most folks don't need flannel quilts in Las Vegas, but I made this so she would have some "Winter."  It worked.  After college, she and her husband packed up her quilt and moved to Minnesota! 

I salvaged an old knit winter headband of her's and made the snow-woman's 3-D hat and the snowman's hat band.  The buttons were from my grandmother's button box. 

~Follow up to all this flannel~

I had enough scraps to make this scrap quilt for our daughter's husband in 2009!  He was in college in Minnesota and I thought he needed a study blanket.

I still had enough scraps to make this quilt and it's my husbands favorite TV/napping blanket. 


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  1. Hi Ann,
    I will send you some pictures of the quilts that you have made for us. I didn't realized that you didn't have the memory quilt pictures on your digital, so I will get some sent to you :)



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