Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest in the High Desert

Harvest is over for the year.
Thanks to Ben, Josh, Bryce and Becky.
Photo by Becky Campbell
My husband in the field at sundown.
Photo by Becky Campbell

The upper fields are all cut and we are bringing the dozer back to the yard.  Since we have to make our own roads, might as well clean off the edge as we are travelling home.  The dozer is always taken up to the upper fields in case of fire.  This old girl has built many a fire line around the county over the past 50 years.

Summer kitties are big enough to play outside the wood shed.

The last and final crop of hay is stacked.

Plowing up the alfalfa hay fields.
They will be planted with wheat next spring.

The fall dry-farm planting is done . . . 
 . . .and next year's wheat is growing.

This old wooden grain bin has stood here on the hill for 3 generations.
Wonder what it would say if it could talk?

It's been a long summer!


  1. Love the pictures! You guys certainly deserve a rest after all of that hard work.

  2. Ann - beautiful pictures. The very top quilt is just beautiful. You simply amaze me. The talent is totally unbelievable!!!!

    Thanks for sharing



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