Sunday, September 19, 2010

Logging Miles on the old Bernina

The months of July and August are pretty much spent on the farm.  However, I have spent some chunks of quality time piecing quilts this summer.  Also, I have been waiting for some new wheels for the under-carriage of my quilting machine.  Now that harvest is over, I am ready to put in some long hours in the studio.
Here are 3 tops I pieced in August.

Last winter, my husband built a wide ladder for me and attached it to the wall so I have a place to hang my quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

I have a separate place for quilt tops that customers have made.  When I receive them, I hang them with their backing on padded hangers, cover them with plastic and pin the quilting orders on each quilt.  I try to quilt them in the order as I receive them, new quilts always go in the back so the next quilt in line is always right up front.

I think I will be busy till Christmas!


  1. You defineatly will not have time to be bored! I really like the top quilt that you made. Are the animals appliqued?

  2. Yes Alycia, the center is all appliqued.



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