Wednesday, July 13, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt

A quilt from high school football and baseball shirts, jackets, warm-ups, and one lone sweatshirt.  This young man plays college baseball and will finish up his senior year this fall.

So many different fabrics: baseball jersey, nylon windbreaker, sweatshirt, cotton, t-shirt, mesh football jersey... 
When I cut out the nylon, I tried to iron on the same light weight interfacing that I use on the t-shirts.  However, it just puckered and wrinkled the nylon--so, I pulled it off.  The nylon fabrics in the blocks are not stabilized.  I was worried that they would not quilt up easily, but they worked just great.
Nylon block:
 Sweat shirt and football jersey.
I love this pantograph for masculine quilts.  I use it a lot!  It's 
'Square Spiral' by Karen Emerson.


  1. Wow - That is an impressive Quilt! Interestin to include the jacket

  2. I have a huge pile of my daughters T-shirts I promised to make her a quilt from...she graduates next year so I guess I'd better get crackin'!

  3. wonderful quilt! and I love the quilting!!

  4. Very cool quilt - and yes, the quilting is the bomb! Neat design. Your new header is nice, too! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Great finish and you're right about the Square spiral---fun,fun!!

  6. Great Tshirt quilt! That panto is great, I see why you use it a lot.



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