Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sweet Applique is Done!

Isn't she a beauty?
My client really gave me a beautiful quilt top.

  Sugar Roses, designed by Susan Guzman for McCall's quilting magazine.

I just took it off the frame, spritzed any chalk and markings still showing and cleaned up stray threads.

It's all freehand and here are the tools I used:
Yup, this is it....
I before I put the quilt on the frame, I used my big bread bowl to mark an arc on the setting triangles, so all the feather plumes would be the same size.
I also divided the triangle in half so I would have a center registration mark for setting the curve in the identical place in each arc. Then, after looking at my rulers and stencils and not finding exactly what I wanted I used a scrap paper to create the curve I wanted.  Marked so I could line it up on each triangle.
Easy peasy. 
Now,  all 8 of the feather plumes are matching and all headed clockwise around the quilt center.
 My client send a wide backing fabric that is a pretty creamy off-white on white floral print.

I am thrilled with how this turned out and will send it to Arizona to it's owner tomorrow!


  1. Stunning! I can't even draw a feather on a piece of paper.

  2. You deserve to be thrilled, you did an amazing job. It is so beautiful!

  3. Words can't do your work justice. Amazing!

  4. WOW! What an amazing quilt with amazing quilting!! You did a amazingly wonderful job! :)

  5. Gorgeous quilt - the back is as stunning as the front!

  6. I knew this one was going to be beautiful. I love this pattern (know the name?) but your quilting makes everything POP!. Love the front, but the back shows all of your beautiful quilting.

  7. Thanks everyone, the pattern is called: It is called, Sugar Roses, designed by Susan Guzman for McCall's quilting magazine.



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