Monday, September 19, 2011

Texture Magic

 . . . a quilt with landscapes?  Well, that's what I ended up with here:
This sweet quilt "Bubbly Babies" by Annie Unrein was the first time I ever used Texture Magic.  I have seen it used on bags, totes, animals, but this quilt kit was in a fabric store in Utah a couple years ago and it really looked interesting.

I inserted my guide and set it for 3/4 inch to stitch a grid pattern.  A 9 inch block of  The Texture Magic is stitched to the back of a 9 inch cotton fabric block.
Here is the Texture Magic on the back of the fabric.  It looks and feels like taffeta. 
Stitching up all 10 of these took almost as long as piecing the entire quilt!


Here is the back after a thorough steaming.  No touching the fabric with the iron, only hovering with the steam.

Now the 9 inch block has shrunk to roughly 7 inches.  I then proofed them to 6.5 inches. 
A 6 inch block was too big to just leave unquilted, so after ditching the seams, I just sewed an X in the center.

It makes an interesting surprise when you see the quilt close up.


  1. What an interesting product. I have never seen that before.

  2. You did a great job Ann. Isn't it a fun product? We appreciate your tutorial too. Thank you for using Texture Magic.


  3. Ann:

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your Bubbly Babies quilt made using my pattern and Texture Magic. You did a great job. Keep up the good work!

    Happy stitching,


  4. We practiced with Texture Magic in my small guild last year. It was interesting. I haven't used it again, yet. We'll see. It would be cool to use in a baby quilt.

  5. great job. i haven't tried this yet but after seeing your results, i want to!

  6. Amazing! I've heard about this process, but haven't seen it up close. Looks fun. I'm sure a baby would love that texture.



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