Monday, October 24, 2011

Let it Snow!

As I watched the falling leaves drifting through the October sun, I had the privilege of quilting this fun Snowman and Cocoa quilt.
In keeping with the theme, the borders have swirls, snowballs and ...ribbon candy?  Not sure how the candy fits in, but it reminds me of an old fashioned Christmas. I remember by grandmother having hard candy in her pantry during the winter holidays and I loved the ribbon candy!
Almost every snow "person" in this quilt has a frothy mug of cocoa. 
This guy is here for the day with his thermos.
A fun snowflake fabric on the back. 


  1. Beautiful, quilt and quilting. You gave the quilt such motion, can almost feel the wind blowing.

  2. You did such a nice job! Love the different motifs you put in for each section.

  3. Lovely!! I wish it were mine!! Great work!!



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