Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fleece Binding

There are just some quilts that can get away with this binding treatment.
Minky, flannel, fleece binding.

It's super easy, the only catch is that you have to round the corners. There is no way you can fold and miter fleece. 
Here's how I make this happen:

After the quilt is quilted, I use a dinner plate to mark the corners. Then I stitch on the mark to secure all the fabric layers and then trim the corners. I didn't think to take a photo but you get the idea.

Cut enough 2.5 inch strips from fleece to go all the way around your quilt plus about 12 inches.  Always make sure any seam in the binding is stitched the diagonal (99% of my bindings are joined in a like manner.)  This eliminates bulk, by ensuring your seams (when the binding is folded) will not sit directly on top of each other.
Now, you won't fold this fleece to attach, I am just illustrating the reason behind the diagonal seams.
Sew the open binding to one side of your quilt.  Right sides together. When you get to your starting point, measure, trim on the diagonal and stitch closed.

Here we have a layer of flannel, batting, Minky, and fleece. I sewed the fleece binding onto the Minky side of the quilt with a 1/2 inch seam. There really isn't a front and back here on this quilt, but soon you will see why I chose this side. 
Turn the binding to the other side and stitch in the ditch catching the under side of the binding strip, you will have plenty of fleece.  
This is what you will end up with . . .
 . . . then trim closely to the stitching line and you are done!
I didn't want to be trimming the edge and fighting the pile on the Minky; hence I sewed the binding onto the Minky side first so I would be working with my scissors next to the flannel. Fleece won't fray and once it's sewed, it's like iron! You are going to be challenged if you have to pick out any stitches.

Tip the binding up just a bit . . .
. . . and hold the scissors sideways and very flat to trim.
~Feels like a cloud~


  1. COOL!! Binding with only on seam needed- love it! And the fleece is quite durable, too. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I did not know you could bind w/ fleece. Thanks!

  3. The diagonal seams tip is excellent! No longer will I have to fight bulky seams...why didn't I think of this ;) Thank you!!



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