Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Taming the Beast!

I have been annoyed with all the clutter in my sewing studio for awhile now.  After quilting and sewing for over 10 years I should be annoyed since I never have had great scrap organization.   How could this happen?  I am the person who has kitchen spices in alphabetical order!

I have filled 8 of these drawers with scraps.  They were so stuffed that I had to smooth them down to get them closed.  I don't have any more storage so it was time to get organized.
  I pressed and sorted into color. 
When it was all done, I could relocate them in the bins according to color and they fit a lot better. Now, when I make a quilt, I will be able to take proper care of my scraps and put them into the right bin!

I realized that my huge pile of fleece was taking up my prime real estate here on my shelves.  I refolded and relocated them to the uppermost shelf and can not start to sort our fabric that is fat quarter size and any other yardage over 1/2 yard.

I'm excited to find fabrics I forgot I had.  All these folded piles are still from my scrap bins.  As you can see, I haven't even got to the mess on the middle shelf.  But, I can hardly wait to get it all finished.

I alternate between projects so I don't get too tired of standing at the ironing board.  So, every hour I  sit and piece some blocks on my Snowman quilt.  This is on my design wall.

Notice the Arkansas Crossroads block lurking at the right..
....I have a design idea for all my lovely scraps with that block.  


  1. Taming scraps is difficult and never ending. I'm getting better about cutting them into useable sizes when I finish a project. I typically don't use or keep strings less than 2 inches. I give those to a local woman who gladly accepts them. Keeping chipping away at those bins and soon all the fabric scraps will be organized and ready to use.

    Nice projects on your design wall!

  2. It's always good to go thru our fabric every once in a while, and try to organize it.



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