Friday, May 5, 2017

The Beast is Tamed!

I am pretty excited to finally get my studio organized. 
I went from this... 

to this....

I have all my yard+ cottons on the upper shelf and anything under a yard, folded like a fat quarter on the lower shelf.

All of my future projects are up here in ziplock bags.
All the backings are sorted. Three stacks of flannels on the left and 3+ stacks of cottons on the right. 
I didn't want to ever unfold and refold another backing just to find out it was not big enough for a quilt top so I measured and labeled all of them.

 I found an odd assortment of orphan blocks, they are tucked in the yellow box.

  It is almost full of orphan blocks.

Flannels and homespun in a separate area.
I already had these 3 boxes of jeans precut into usable fabric from pants.  The tub under the shelf is full of denim too.  Guess I better get a denim quilt on the planning board!


My scrap drawers under my quilting table went from this...

to this.....
 plus a drawer for kids prints...
These are all under my quilting table so I can easily pull out a drawer to sort and match with the fabrics on the shelves right behind me.

We made this ironing table for storage.  Here, I have:

a drawer for mixed homespuns...

a drawer for mixed flannel scraps....

storage for all my minky scraps....yes I do make minky scrap quilts.


My cutting table is my old kitchen bar from 1978.  I have cut fabric on this 39 years (back when my sewing machine was put on my kitchen table.)  In 2006, we redid our old kitchen and re-purposed this gem in my studio.  It is 70 inches long and 32 inches wide. I painted it and took out 3 useless shelves and installed 11 easily removable drawers.  
We added a 72 inch tape measure to the front edge and it makes measuring yardage a snap.

I usually have at least 2 quilts I am working on, so the larger drawers are handy for keeping a project all together.

The great thing about all these drawers is that I can take them out and move them to the ironing board, the sewing table or where ever I need them.

Now that I am organized, it will be super easy to keep it this way, I am very excited and what a great way to spend a few rainy days.


  1. It looks great. I'd never be able to get fully organized, I have too much stuff, and not nearly enough space. I still have bins full in the basement, and don't remember what all I have, and too many projects going at one time, so, things get left out for those (and stacked all over).

  2. Fantastic organization! I love your cutting table AND its history. With everything in its place, you'll be able to find thingst in a snap. Well done.



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