Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weird Snow

We had another blizzard last night.  It covered all the windows on all 4 sides of the house.  The wind quit about 9am this morning and the sun was brilliant.
I have a couple of metal wind-chime decorations on my deck.  They had about 3 inches of snow crusted on them this morning.
I have grape vines on top of the deck.  These are the ends of the snow encrusted vines.  Reminds me of a corn dog.  Notice the snow covered mountains in the background?

Apple tree branches.

Notice the little snow blobs hanging above the window?
There were 3 layers of them.  These are not snow covered icicles, as the roof had melted and was completely bare when this storm hit last night.

I shoveled out this sidewalk on only one cup of coffee--and no chocolate!  My husband was running the snow blower on the other side of the house.  I had to get to the studio to get my camera and didn't have time to wait for him.  heh, heh.  I just can't walk over all the snowdrifts in my boots, because it's just not right.  I have to clean out the whole walk or not go there.  It's a neat and tidy thingy with me....

Vine covered wood shed.

However, I will let him use the snow blower to plow out the path to the wood shed!

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