Monday, May 23, 2011

Black & Blue Geometric

My customer pieced this for her niece's wedding.  The newly weds will use it for their bed cover.  We used a higher loft batting so it's really more like a comforter.
It's a nice bed cover size, 95 x 107.
Using the large secondary diamonds as a guide, the quilting was kept pretty simple to retain some loft.
Not a very good photo of the back--end of the day lighting . . . and before the lint roller.  But, you can get a general idea of the  pattern it creates.


  1. I like the quilting on this quilt. Good job. It gives it great movement.

  2. Nice job! I'm sure this little guy will love his quilt!! DeLoa's looks like a great site too. I'm starting to get the free-motion bug. I wonder if I can do it on my midarm machine. It's kind of a standup situation and you can't really look where the machine is stitching easily. Hmmm...



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