Monday, May 9, 2011

Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge

Wow, I kinda like this.  After I made my plan and got started, I was wondering if it was really going to come together like I wanted.

Thanks to Sarah for arranging this Hands 2 Help Challenge!

It has been fun to get to know other quilters from all around the we share our progress on these quilts.
As some of you will remember, here are the fat quarters (2 each) my partner sent.  From my stash, I added fabrics on the right.
This is just a freehand wandering sunflower that I thought would be a great compliment since there are sunflowers in 3 of the fabrics.
I had to take advantage of the sunlight before it set this evening, so my mitered binding corners are not hand stitched closed in this photo...yet.
Fabric for the back is a cut from a hand dyed wide backing I got in an online close-out sale a couple of years ago.
Oh, umm . . . yeah, there's more . . . here are the left over blocks from the front.
Yay~!  It feels good to be done.
 I hope my partner likes what I have done with her fabrics.


  1. Wow, Ann! That is awesome!!! I really envy Judi because she gets to see all these beautiful quilts in person....

  2. That is a beauty!! Love the quilt front and back. And the quilting, is just amazing.

  3. Wow! Really nice! Why do people seem to always sew the binding mitres? There's no need. They're not going to open, are they? I don't do it. Think of prairie points: they're always open. And the inny prairie points on a quilt I made recently are almost annoying being open. I keep catching my fingers in the little pouches. Anyway, there's not going to be anything annoying about leaving mitred binding corners open. I say, forgettaboutit...

  4. Beautiful quilt, Ann. I just know the recipient is going to be thrilled. You did such a lovely job. But then what else could we expect? I've been reading your posts, and everything you create is a masterpiece.

  5. I love it!! It will make some kid so happy!!



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