Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Wild Robot Quilt

This really fun and unusual quilt was made by a friend of mine--a 5th grade teacher in Virginia.

She made this quilt to reflect the cover of the book: 

She might use this book as a theme in her class for next year.

It was super fun to quilt.  I marked it all out with school chalk before I put it on the frame; so, all the "thinking" had already been done before I started quilting. 

I was able to center this quilt between the added yardage on either side.  I have done this a couple of times and you just have to be accurate and square when you put the backing and the top on the frame and keep it straight all the way to the bottom.  
It's pretty dang close!!

Forest creatures on the flannel backing: bears, bees, squirrels and owls. 

Her thread-play radiates heat from a fiery sun!

The skinny twig trees are all raw edge applique, so they will only get better as time goes by and they fray more and more. I love this!
Brown binding adds a finishing touch to the wild forest.

The rocks!  
The rocks were a blast.
Here is my quilty interpretation:

Alluvial fan . . .

 Sandstone . . .
 Lava cinders....

 The Robot stands on a giant, striated granite dome.

Conchoidal fractures on this flint outcrop. . .

Stratified sedimentary layers . . .

Folded Granite. . .

 Gneiss. . . 

. . .and water lapping around the shore rocks.

It was so fun, I hated it to end.

I used light grey on the back and these 3 colors on the top.

Did you catch this little detail?  The robot only has one shoe . . .

Thanks for letting me quilt this awesome project!


  1. That is such a fun quilt - I love it! And I love your quilting on it just as much. I love quilts that just make you smile :)



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