Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Wall Hanging

According to my calendar, I am a few days late--but i was able to take this to my Mom today!
I intend to make a fun panel for each month to button on this scrappy background.
February was when this monthly project started. You can see how it began here.

While I used a pattern for February, I was not loving the March pattern--so I created my own design.
I wanted typical "March" emblems incorporated into the design.  Here, this cherry little sun is chasing away the clouds, making the rainbow appear. The wind is blowing the clovers all around . . .
. . . and down by this lucky 4-leaf clover, is a pot of gold!
The sun is actually an Ohio Star that I pieced and then appliqued a circle over the center.  When I determined where I wanted everything, I cut a strip from the background, inserted the star block and reassembled the fabric.
I save all my little applique webbing scraps in a storage box. Sooner or later, I will end up using them for projects. I used lots of these scraps for this quilt. 
This is my favorite applique iron-on webbing. I buy it by the 10 yd. bolt.
It's very light weight and doesn't stretch too much.
As with most iron applique products, after it's ironed, just scratch the paper with a pin and you can easily tear off the backing from the fabric.
Best of all, I can use a #2 pencil to draw the design and when it's ironed on, the pencil does not disappear.  I have used other products where the pencil marks vanish with the iron.
I used scraps from my box for these coins.  I ironed the webbing on the wrong side, then with my water soluble blue marker, used a salt shaker to make random overlapping coins.
After trimming the top layer of coins and ironing the coin strip onto the quilt, I use the blanket stitch to go over the upper edges. 
 For the second row, I straight stitched down to the starting point of the first coin, pivoted 180 degrees . . .
 . . . and with the blanket stitch, sewed back up the straight stitches using the same holes.  I did the same with each curve as I worked my way across this row.
This way, I got a pot full of coins without making individual circles.
I have drawers under my ironing table where I keep scraps smaller than a fat quarter.  I just dug through a couple of drawers and came up with all the fabrics for this project!
I have lots of thread left over from garment making.  I have not purchased this type of thread for over 10 years, I am still using up this collection.
It takes a collection to applique a quilt like this too!
Here is the end result on her door.  It's so bright and cherry! 


  1. I love it too Ann. Perhaps you should market your pattern.

  2. You're right!! It is bright and cheery!! so talented you are!! The quilting is awesome too!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. It looks really great. And I'm really loving your ironing table!

  4. It's beautiful, and your Mother will enjoy this daily reminder of your love.

    Thanks for sharing the process, too.

  5. Ann, Your work is amazing. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster blog award, hopefully you accept.


  6. It's never too late. If you'd gotten it to her the last day of March, then it'd be early for next year. Really cute.

  7. Beautiful March mini! You put quite a lot of work into this but your mom's smiles and your satisfaction with your design is worth it! Thanks for all the little hints and 'splaining how you did it :)

  8. Cute mini and design. Transweb? I've never heard or used this product. I like to do fusible applique when I'm in a hurry. I generally use "soft fuse" which can get expensive. Where do you get your product and is it pricey? I do like your idea of keeping your scraps in a container, I think I might reuse your idea. Thanks for sharing.



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