Monday, June 4, 2012

Forgotten Treasures

Ok everyone, how long has it been since you've seen any of this?

Yup, it's a 36 inch piece of fabric!
 How many of you ever bought a fabric Made in the USA?
 Woops, it has a flaw. I remember buying fabric in Penny's Department store.
 Here is another piece from Montgomery Ward

Wozers!  This one is marked half price at ~12.5 cents/yard.

Let me tell you how I came to have these gems!  A friend called me to see if I would like to look through 4 huge bags of fabrics she acquired when she helped her niece clean out a relative's home. She knew I did Quilts of Valor and charity quilts.  ... and well, have any of us ever turned down a chance to look through free fabric?!?

After sorting through it all, I brought about half home.  This is only the cotton fabrics.  The tall pile in the back is flannel yardage--great for quilt backings. Some of these are 4-5 yards each. I left her with all the wool, polyester (good luck there) and other selections of fabrics that I couldn't use.

Most of it is 45" and very usable.
Yay, look at all the charity quilts and QOVs I can make from these!

She also talked me into taking this bag of double wedding ring pieces--yes, this entire pile is sections of double wedding ring blocks, partial blocks and cut wedges.
 I got home and thought, what have I done?  I will just have to donate this to good will...
Such a shame to let this go to waste.
Aww....look at all that cute vintage fabric!  The right person could really do this justice!
 The sewn sections seem to have good stitches and nice 1/4 inch seams.

I have decided to auction off this whole pile of Double Wedding Ring blocks and block pieces--with the proceeds going to purchase batting for more Quilts of Valor.  To all my blogging friends, if you are interested let me know.  If not, perhaps you have a friend that will be....feel free to blog about this and you may copy these pictures for your post.  I would really like to find these a good home!

If you would like to be the owner of this Awesome Package of Vintage Double Wedding Ring "stuff" just leave me a bid in the comments area, or send me an e-mail:

It will cost me about $10 to ship it anywhere in the US.  So anything over that will be fully used for Quilts of Valor batting.

I will have the bidding open through Sunday, June 10th at midnight.  And announce a winner Monday.

Stay tuned.....


  1. I Ann, what a treasure trove!!! The wedding ring pieces are so fun. I will pass on bidding at this time, but I would like to send you a donation for batting for QOV. So please send me your address!!


  2. Wow- how fun to sort thru other's fabrics!! glad you enjoyed yourself and got some great goodies.... I'll spread the word about your auction

  3. You have hit the Mother Lode of fabric treasures!

    Oh yes, I remember purchasing fabric at JC Penneys. They measured and made the first cut with some sort of machine and then ripped the fabric. I sometimes wish the machines were still used because many shops have the dullest scissors and rotary cutters. The fabric is never straight and has a hacked edge.

  4. If I wasn't so swamped with projects, I'd bid on those lovely wedding ring pieces. I'm in the middle of 2 Quilts of Valor, with several more waiting in the wings.

  5. What a score!! Are we telling our age when we say we remember JC Penneys selling fabric. My mother always took us to Castner Knotts, which is now Macy's, to buy fabric. They had one of those machines like Nancy talked about. Anyway, you will make beautiful QOV quilts with the lovely fabric. I'ver never had much luck at piecing curves but I will spread the word about the wedding ring blocks and pieces. I think it will make a beautiful quilt. 5 yds for $1.47 WOW!

  6. Love your DWR sections, but without the templates for the connecting pieces I would just be lost. They are lovely, and if I can figure out how to copy your pictures I will blog it for you.
    SCORE!!! on the rest of your new goods. I do remember fabric at Sears, Penny's and all kinds of other department stores. But these days a sewer is a rare duck... we are rare ducks. LOL. It was such a gracious way to shop - in the olden days (as my kids called it - when we parents were young). What a wonderful memory you have given me... shopping at the old timey department stores... where everything was close in, and there were people to help you at every counter. How sweet it was. (I was a celebrity at our local one, because my hubby worked there, and all the old ladies just loved him, and by association, me.) The last time I encountered anything like it was at Harrod's in London - about 12 years ago. People were tripping over themselves to help us buy some tea. And upstairs there were young adults, hired to play with the toys!!! Try that at Wal-Mart.
    Oh, and remember the nice little restaurants that some of the nicer department stores had. If you got tired while shopping you just went to the 7th floor, and there was an elegant, yet affordable, restaurant with linen and real flowers... sorry,you have got me started now...

  7. Can I start the bidding at $30 for your wedding ring pieces? I'd love to be able to try and put those pieces together. I've never made a wedding ring, but I love a good puzzle.



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