Saturday, June 16, 2012

Layer Cake Neutrals

For this customer's quilt, I used a couple of her fabrics for my quilting inspiration.
Check out this fabric . . . 
. . . and this. 
That's where THIS came from: 
I have learned, working across the quilt in a diagonal path eliminates a linear look to an all-over pattern. 
 It gave it really nice texture.
Gray bumpy Minky on the back.  Yummy. 


  1. I love fabrics with curlicues and vines and your quilting inspiration looks great! Thanks for the tip about diagonal quilting. Wonderful quilt. I'm sure your client will be most pleased!

  2. I love swirls, I love the texture they give and they are so fun to stitch! Love how you made this quilt shine! Oh, and the tip to stitch on the diagonal is great...

  3. Yummy!! I bet that is a great snuggly quitl!



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