Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Boy Western Quilt

Here's another cute quilt with western prints my client made for a boy.
I have 3 sizes of Deloa's Rope a Dope rulers and find that the 2 inch seems to be the most popular size for these rope borders. 
Freehand design in the star centers. 
 Another cute retro Western print!
She mixed in some blocks with lines of words.  When I received her top, I called and told her that I have a whole bolt of this same "word" fabric in flannel. 
Here is the flannel back. 
Can't wait to see it when she gets it bound! 


  1. What a cute quilt. The flannel is perfect for the backing.

    I love the rope quilting you did in the border. Do you get to see the finished quilt in person?

  2. I really like your quilting choices for this one. It turned out amazing!

  3. Totally cute. I agree with that perfect rope size!



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