Friday, February 8, 2013

Put, Put, Put Little Car!

Fun, fun, fun is what I should have entitled this cute little quilt~
I took my quilting inspiration from the fabric.
There are repeats of several of these whimsical shapes in this little quilt.
See that little blue rain cloud to the right?
Before I put it on the frame, I sketched out what I wanted to do in the applique background.
I didn't want to make rain clouds, I wanted these clouds to be happy and jaunty . . .  
. . . to do that I needed a smiling sun too! 
The back is textured Minky.
The ribbon candy in the smaller border was inspired by the funky tree branches printed on the fabric. 

Fun, fun, fun....put, put, put little car~


  1. Too cute! And the quilting is really fun. :)

  2. How are you liking the new neighbourhood there? Are you glad you moved?

  3. This is a darling quilt. I bet you had a ball quilting it!

  4. Ann - that is the cutest! Do you know who the pattern is by? Regards,

  5. Sweet Ruby Designs, Cooper's Cars Pattern



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