Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Fun Western Quilt

Ok, I already posted this very quilt done up for a little Cowgirl.
Now, here is one for a little Cowboy!
I really had a fun time quilting this little gem.
One big log cabin. . . .it's so simple and yet, lends itself to so many fun designs.  
Most of the fabrics are too busy to show the quilting from the front. 
I love how this row of stenciled hats turned out! 
 Front view of hat for the corner.
There are a couple of horses running free in the center block.
Now you can see the quilting!
Minky makes such a great canvas for designs that can't be seen on the front.
I plan most of the design with that in mind on a quilt like this . . .
Two simple little horses, yet it's the background quilting that really makes this block pop. 
 Lots of stars.  There are lots of stars in the fabrics.

 Boots, hats, stars, and horse shoes border "Cowboy" by Anne Bright.


  1. Look at all that fun detail - I love it, especially the hats, the center horses, and the boots. This quilt is going to be a little guy's favorite for years and years!

  2. Awesome. :) LOVE that back. Your fun quilting makes this a two-for-one quilt for sure!



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