Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Diamonds in the Garden (an unloved kit) update

It's a beautiful 70 degrees out side, and I am in my basement quilting. I have to go to the dentist at 1pm today, so I can't get down and dirty in my garden till this afternoon.

Stitch in the ditch done for one diamond/vine strip.
 This morning, I am adding the back-fill to make the patchwork and applique pop.

I may just like this quilt a little bit. 😏


  1. Wow, the quilting is fabulous and adds so much to this quilt top. Great job.

  2. The difference the quilting has made in this quilt is amazing. and you fill-in is gorgeous. I had to go back and see the whole story on this quilt. If this continues as it is going now, that little girl would go in the fair, among other things..

  3. I can see why you may just like this quilt, it's beautiful!



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