Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Quilt Ladders

I enjoy reading the Tuesday Archives over at Val's Quilting Studio
This week, it's about quilt ladders.

Since I didn't have any old posts about my quilt ladders, I decided to create a new one.
It all goes back to my quilt studio in Idaho.
After we sold the farm and moved to Ohio, this was the only thing I missed!  I really love our new home here and I set up my studio here in my cozy basement.  At least I don't have to shovel my way back and forth to the BunkHouse in the winter!

So here is a quilt ladder I had in Idaho.

It was an old orchard ladder that belonged to my husband's grandparents. The Grandmother's Flower Garden top was hand pieced by my grandmother and the Glorified 9 Patch was hand pieced by her mother, my Great-grandmother. 

Of course, I still have the tops, but I left the ladder with my quilty niece when we moved, so it's still in the family. 

We made this skinny ladder and I just hang random quilts on it in the corner of my studio to fill up this empty space.
We also made this attached wall ladder for the entrance of my Idaho studio.  I used to hang the "next up" customer quilts on it.  We brought it with us and it's the first thing I see as I go down my basement stairs.  I have my own yet-to-be-quilted tops hanging here now.

This is my favorite ladder.
 It is an old painter's ladder I bought from an antique mall just down the road.
I have it in my living room to display a few of my more recent quilts.


  1. Yes....we get snow like that here in Oregon. I can see why you miss your bunkhouse! Thanks for creating a new post and sharing at Tuesday Archives as I love all your ladders....especially that painters one and the history behind the orchard one make sit so neat to have. :)

  2. All nice ladders, and beautiful quilts.

  3. Great methods to display quilts old or new.

  4. Such beautiful ladders for some gorgeous quilts.

  5. I feel much better about my quilt ladder now. It is a leaning ladder that was hand made, roughly, by the husband of a friend of mine. He used it to go in my attic and catch a raccoon, and then he left the ladder. After a few months, I started putting quilts on it, and years later, it is still here! I like that orchard ladder a lot, and the two quilts on it are wonderful. Idaho to Ohio - didn't improve your winters much, I don't think. =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, your ladder sounds so interesting, if only they could talk! Winters are about the same, not as much snow though, we were used to having 30 inches most winters. Wind is bitter both places.



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