Monday, March 31, 2014

Memory T-Shirt Quilts

I have been busy working on 4 memory t-shirt quilts.

  The first 2 are done...
If I can, I like to cut out all the shirts into 15 x 15 squares to begin with and then I trim as needed to make them fit into the quilt.

I had enough of these Hard Rock Cafe shirts to put 3 of them into each quilt.
Since there were other clothing fabrics to put into the quilt, I cut the Hard Rock blocks down and added a 2 inch border still making this a 15 x 15 block.
Then I started playing with them on the design wall....I just start putting up blocks and then stand back and rearrange, cut, add, measure twice and finally end up with an arrangement I like.

Here is the first quilt all done.
Quilted with a freehand funky flower, this is for a girl. 

When I saw this fun batik online, I knew it was the perfect backing for this quilt. 

Here is quilt #2

I needed a long narrow block so I cut down these 2 shirts.  I still had one more t-shirt with only a sleeve logo to use, so I pieced the green and gray together with a skinny piece of the sleeve that held the writing.
This is for a boy, quilted it with a large freehand spiral.

Number 3 is on the design wall right now.

Stay Tuned.....


  1. They are wonderful! Beautifully quilted. Awesome.

  2. Nice job! The recipients are fortunate to have their memories preserved in a quilt.



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