Thursday, March 13, 2014

WIP Vintage Blocks #2

Here is my progress on the appliqued blocks.
I put a 1 inch border around each one and then pieced them into my lighter fabric. 
I will do the same with the other 3.  This will be the top and bottom of the quilt.
The white fabric is a nice quality. The edges were torn, making me appreciate my rotary cutter. I starched, pressed and squared up these blocks before adding an assortment of different browns for the borders. 
...back when selvages were only 1/4 inch (and fabric was only 36 inches wide)
I will bet she made these blocks when she got her first zig-zag machine.
I didn't get a machine that did a zig-zag stitch until 1980.
I love this black and tan fabric!


  1. I think she would be very pleased with the way you are finishing these blocks to give to her grandchildren!

  2. The frames not only add stability to the blocks but also make them "pop" on the background. Nice job!



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