Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Quilt #2

This quilt is for my little 10 year old grandson--the little brother of future owner of the lime/blue/gray quilt I posted about earlier.  It's so totally different and just what he asked for.

This fabric was from a kit I bought, but didn't like the pattern, I just wanted the fabric because I knew someday it would be just right for someone.  Anyway, as you know, kits come with various sizes of yardage and pieces of this and that.

Here I took 2 of the larger pieces and made a background:

Then I cut apart a panel of deer and raw edged appliqued the blocks to this background.

I love the 3D effect of the raw edge applique. I used a smaller then normal stitch so the fabric threads should be secure and it will fray when it's washed for a more rustic look.

I had to piece and match the panoramic panel..can you tell?
Here is the best method for me.  I find the repeating pattern, choose a spot and iron a fold.  Then I match this fold with the other piece and iron the whole thin together.  Ironing actually makes the fibers sort of stick together....if you are careful.

Then I take this to the sewing machine, gently open out the fold in the top fabric and carefully stitch along the fold line.

It's for a twin mattress and I made it long enough so the top panel will create a pillow tuck and the bottom panel will just hang over the bottom of the mattress.  Next up will be to piece the backing with his name and some leftover deer!


  1. Very good matching technic, will have to store that for future use. Love your quilt from the previous post. Broken Star I think. Love to see the quilting.

  2. I keep thinking that I need to do something with all the panels I've collected over the years. This is a great idea.



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