Friday, November 21, 2014

Forest Quilt

Ok, so I had to change the name of this quilt...from "Deer" to "Forest", now that it also has moose and bear.

Here are a few more details, on all the deer panels and blocks, I simply outlined the animals and some of the trees and rocks.
Freehand leaves....

I used Quilters Dream Puff batting so this is more like a comforter....and will be nice and warm.
This wetland meadow was quilted in a simple meander, following the water areas. 
The deer blocks were appliqued on the quilt leaving a raw edge.
After it was washed, they frayed nicely adding to the rustic 3D look. 

You can see the evolution of this quilt here.

Here it is after it was washed to fray the blocks.
This is a Christmas quilt for my 10 year old grandson who likes to hunt with his dad.
I think he will like it!

If you missed the blog post about piecing in the name, you can find it here.

1 comment:

  1. Love your batting choice.....really sets off the outline quilting and motifs!



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