Sunday, November 16, 2014

You Don't Always Have to Pin

I have been doing this for several years, but just thought to share it last night.

Sometimes you need a zillion pins: Once upon a time, I stitched 192 of these bias strips together.
Then I had to pin, starch, steam and block 32 of these diamonds. 
It took me 3 years to complete and looking back seems surreal!
Did I actually do that?

Just giving you a little background, so  you will believe me when I say: I know the importance of pinning for accurate sewing.

but there are times.....when you don't have to pin.

Yesterday, I stitched these 2 fabrics together.
Then, I positioned ( with rulers and measuring tape) these panel blocks on the background.

Then I got them exactly where I wanted them, I lifted up one half of the block and gave it a little puff of basting spray.  Use this very sparingly--you don't want it in other areas.  You can reposition the block (it's not permanent) and it will biodegrade in a few weeks, or it will launder out with first washing.  I rarely use it, this can has lasted me 6 years....but once in a while it's exactly what I need. 

I took the whole thing to the machine and stitched the blocks onto the background with raw edge applique.
See how lonely my little pin cushion is in the back?  Awwww.....

I don't pin borders. I use my iron.  I fold the quilt in 4th's and iron a crease in the edges.  I fold the border in fourths and iron
The results are evenly spaced creases.....  
Match them up as you sew and you will have perfect application every time.  No pinning.

I just start sewing, match up the first 2 creases, pinch that spot and hold it as I sew, repeat as you stitch down the seam.

I put this together yesterday without a single pin.

This sweet top for my granddaughter was sewn with no pins.

...except for the chiffon ruffle blocks--that  required major pinning.

Now that I have confessed, if you don't see me around for awhile, you can assume I am hiding from the quilt police. :)

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  1. Sometimes I don't need pins, but, when I get to sewing rows together, I do pin, just in case.



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