Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Graduation Quilt

Just finished this graduation quilt for my sister-in-law.  She made it for her grandson.

I used black thread to do all the ditching, but am not a fan of dark thread on lighter colors.  However, the ditching went pretty well, so I decided to just use black on the whole quilt.  Most of the quilting is in the darker fabrics, and I tried to limit it in the yellow and light grey fabrics.

Since this is for a male, I am decided I liked the crisp look of the crosshatching for all the sashing and it will link up vertically and horizontally.


  1. This is gorgeous! I LOVE the quilting you did on it. Would love to know how you did the border!


  2. katyquilts

    Hi katyquilts, I hope you visit again, because I can't reply to your comment question via e-mail as you are a no reply blogger. Thanks a lot for the comments and the border is really easy. I just use an arc ruler and pick a random spot, stitch and arc and line up the ruler up on the stitched line at the inch mark and stitch another and out of the border 7-8 times then move the ruler at a different angle and repeat. As you move the ruler you have some backtracking along the last arc, but it's really fast.
    Thanks for looking!

  3. I just finished a border using this patterned stitching (Baptist Fan?). I used these guidelines for marking and it turned out wonderful!!! The link..... My side borders were a different width than the top/bottom so it was difficult to come up with stitching that worked on both widths and came together nicely at the corners. Hope to put up a post/photo tomorrow on my blog. I will definitely use this one again!!!!!

  4. Yes, that is very similar and I have seen that particular one as I follow her blog also. I didn't mark mine and used random angles for a more informal look.

  5. Gosh - that is just fabulous!! Love your border treatment!! So creative



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