Friday, April 4, 2014

T-Shirt Quilt #3

Here is a third T-shirt memory quilt finished.

Pantograph pattern Maori Moko by Judy Lyon.
 I like the "tribal" feel to this quilting pattern.
Batik backing 

Here is the 4th and final quilt on the design wall.  Yay!


  1. Gorgeous quilting. What thread did you use. I am always stumped as to what thread to use, when using a lot of lights and darks together.

  2. Thanks! For this quilt, I used a light gray thread. I always take 2-3 feet off of the spool and puddle it on the quilt top. I do this with a few different colors and then choose the one I like the best. I always prefer a lighter thread on the dark fabric pieces rather than darker because I do not like dark thread (black, navy etc.) on the lighter pieces. For lots of quilts I use gold colored thread because it complements every color and it doesn't fight with any color.

  3. Looks great and I love that panto!



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