Monday, April 7, 2014

T-Shirt quilt #4

What a marathon!
I just put the binding on the 4th and last t-shirt memory quilt.

Quilted with Square Spiral by Karyn Emmerson

Batik Backing 
Just by way of review, here are the other 3.  They go to 4 siblings,so they are almost all the same size and we divided up the shirts so each quilt had certain shirts that would mean something to each person. 

Since I am often asked, I used gold thread on the orange and grey thread on the other 3 quilts.


  1. I love them all but the one with the green sashing/border is my fave!!! You did a beautiful job on all the finishes and I'm sure they will be much loved!!!!

  2. I love the Superman block in each of the quilts!

    An excellent finish - they will be loved and treasured for their memories and the one who made them. Nice job



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