Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keeps me humble...

I was sitting here this morning in my sewing room and looking at the cover on my serger.....
This was the very first practice piece I ever did when I got my APQS Millennium quilting machine.  I used an old black sheet and quilted it with a spool of Signature Rainbows thread.
Quilted Feb. 2008
My girlfriend, who is also a quilter, told me to save it and I could look back one day and see my improvement.   About a year later, I cut it up and made covers for all my machines. 
Every time I walk in the studio, I see this original work and know how hard and long I have practiced to master these feathers.

 I also have this practice piece hanging in my studio to remind how far I have come.
Quilted January, 2014


  1. So Cool to see!! I love how far you have come and it definitely gives hope to people like me that desperately want to travel that far and can't wait until I have :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm teaching a beginning quilting class at my church. The first meeting I took my first quilt, and several newer ones to show my improvement. I wanted the ladies to know that you will improve with each quilt. Oh yea, most of these ladies have never even sewn anything before.



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