Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another Little Project...

I have been working on this in between quilts. It was in a bag of donated fabrics I received several years ago. Just one lonely block, hand stitched, stained and in bad shape.
 I soaked it in the sink with Oxyclean and it cleaned up nicely.
Then, I trimmed off the worst of the edges...
...trying to preserve as much of the points as I could.

I drew a 9.5 inch square on a piece of muslin and ironed it nice and flat and square on my ironing board.  While the quilt block was still wet, I stretched, nudged and pinned it to fit.  Here it is pinned to my ironing board to dry.

After it was dry, and before I took the pins out, I starched and steamed it with my iron to coax it into shape. The perimeter is nice and square, but the center will always be skewed a bit.

Quilted it to a piece of muslin with a scrap of Hobbs 80/20.

I had a hard time finding a 9 inch square frame.  I ordered this from Amazon and I didn't have much choice of color or style in this size. I am framing a few more old quilt blocks and will then decide if I keep it black or paint them and give them a rustic finish.

I think the tilted center gives it a bit of charm.

For now, I stuck it in this little vignette. But, I have other plans for this and other's like in the near future.  I will share when I get that project done this spring.


  1. The block looks fantastic in the frame!

  2. Nice way to show off that orphan block. Looking forward to seeing your projects. I'm catching up on 12 days of blog posts, so, I like your H2H quilts. Also the Patriot quilt. I've downloaded the directions for that one, but, I haven't been in my sewing room since early Feb. This has been a crazy year.



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