Thursday, March 1, 2018

I'm Gettin' Into this Scrappy Thing!

I'm following Alycia Quilts with her Mystery Quilt of Valor, The Patriot.  I'm only a couple months late, but I got half through Clue #1 today!

What a challenge for me....another scrappy quilt.....but I'm rockin' these wonky stars!

Here are the other 9 blues to make into blocks.  I played it safe with the cream so all the stars will be the same in different backgrounds.

I swear, this drawer of blue scraps has grown even though I have taken fabric out for this quilt and for last months scrappy quilt-- Arkansas Crossroads.

It must be getting fluffed up each time I rummage through it.....

I had a hard time getting the hang of placing the triangles just right to get nice inner points that were not truncated when I assembled the block.

....for me.

This was my first assembled block, I didn't like how the bottom 2 points came together at the center, but I thought, well, it's supposed to be wonky.  I kept looking at it and finally, after I successfully made 7 other blocks, I had to take this apart and add a new square to the bottom.  That flat space was totally annoying.

Much better....

I will be back with another update when I get to Clue #2!


  1. Making the star points deliberately wonky in this clue was difficult. I'm afraid many of my stars aren't very wonky. I decided to make each star completely scrappy. Clues 2 and 3 are quick to make.

  2. I've made those stars before. They are fun. I'm a 'controlled' scrappy person. At least I'm trying (you, too).



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